100 List

A list of 100 things I still want to do or accomplish during my lifetime.

Last update: Jan 6th 2023.

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Read 1000 books
  3. Write my own blog
  4. Live in another country
  5. Live in another continent
  6. Learn Spanish
  7. Run a half marathon (2022-11-06, see screenshot below)
  8. Run a second half marathon but with other people
  9. Learn to drive a car (in progress)
  10. Learn to sing
  11. Build a home music studio
  12. Give a radio interview
  13. Sing a song in front of at least 20 people
  14. Record and publish an own song
  15. Give a talk at a major conference - Ted, Ruby conf, …
  16. Give a TV interview
  17. Be part of a movie or TV show
  18. Fly inside a helicopter
  19. Develop and publish a tool or app that others can use to be more productive
    (> 130 stars on GitHub and used by at least 20 people)
  20. Have a picture of me published inside a magazine (even twice)
  21. Be part of a movie, music video, or ad
  22. Start a company
  23. See New York from birds perspective (flew over it)
  24. Write a post with more than 10k visits
  25. Visit 100 countries
  26. Grow a garden and eat the food from that garden
  27. Do yoga every day for a full month
    (doing yoga ~3x a week since accomplishing this)
  28. Walk from one side of Berlin to the other side
    (Berlin ZOB → Tempelhofer Feld)
  29. Watch a central firework from a mountain spot
  30. Meditate every day for a full month
  31. Run outside and dance in the pouring rain
  32. Give a >= 45min talk to a smaller audience in Spanish
  33. Do an Interrail through multiple European countries
  34. Record and publish a screencast with educational content
  35. See a friend of mine become famous for what they love to do (music, acting, …)
  36. Sustain 30km/h+ speed on inlinescates for at least 30 seconds
  37. Write and produce a Spanish song
  38. Get a job without applying for it
  39. Reach my step goal of 10k+ steps or more for one year (365 days)
  40. Walk 200km in one week (I did 202.1km)
  41. Eat pizza with pasta on it
  42. Fall in love
  43. Only eat once a day for 5 days or more (for hunger control strengthening)
  44. Scuba dive (2022-01-06, Gran Canaria)
  45. Fly an airplane
  46. Learn to sail
  47. Shave my head
  48. Lay almost naked inside snow for at least 30 seconds
  49. Camino de Santiago
  50. Sleep outside on the beach, under the sky
  51. Walk at least 50k steps and 40km during one single day
  52. Skydiving
  53. Be involved in a NGO
    (I was leading a local community belonging to the OKFN)

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